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Why Us?

Founded in 2002 and led by a management team responsible for building major renewable energy projects worldwide, our business is guided by a commitment to safety, serving our customers, protecting the environment, strengthening communities and creating value for our stakeholders. 

Renewable Energy

We are one of Europe's main stockholders in renewable power, with over 5,000 megawatts of producing capacity. Our resources, located in the United States, Europe and Africa, cover a varied technology base of hydro, wind, utility-scale solar, distributed generation, storage and other renewable technologies. We use our completely united worldwide operating stage and in-house knowhow to preserve facilities, gradually add value
and competently assimilate novel assets, comprehending cost synergies in the procedure.
Our corporate is reinforced by steady cash flows, with the widely held of our power contracted under long-term, inflation-linked agreements.


All over our operations, we are dedicated
to the following practices that have a constructive influence on the communities in which we function:

How we approach our work

Central to our operation are our obligations to the protection and welfare of our group, the environment, our customers, and the global communities where we operate. We have adopted principle statements on Community and Cultural Morals, Safety and Health Standards and Environmental Principles that are the basis of our work ethics.  


Ecological - Generating Energy
in a Sustainable Way

  AMST-ENERGY Group’s obligation to the environment is fundamental to our mission to change the world to renewable energy. We endeavor to lessen negative environmental effects during the progress and building of our projects and throughout the operation of our facilities. In some cases, we promote renovation and mitigation projects to profit local ecosystems around our facilities. 
In keeping with our commitment to build a sustainable company, we believe that actions yielding the best outcomes for the environment also make the most business sense.
Our multi-measurement method to protecting the environment has brought about in a sound record of performance with no substantial matters of non-compliance, payments, or forfeits.


Our method on financing

 Our method on financing originates from our heritage as a proprietor and operator, investing our own assets to advance and function the assets and businesses we obtain. We build on that knowhow in renewable energy sector where our working knowledge gives us a competitive gain. Knowledge has also educated us that the best prospects are frequently found in regions or sectors experiencing periods of monetary or functioning challenge.
We utilize our global associate team of approximately 350 investment professionals, our vast associate network of approximately 2,000 operating employees, and our industry partners to identify and acquire high-quality renewable energy assets and businesses at favorable valuations and finance them on a long-term, low-risk basis.


Nurturing Comprehensive, Impartial,
and Buoyant Communities

While our climate-positive investment method and factually robust governance practices remain essential to our ESG value scheme, AMST-ENERGY Group is further revitalizing and escalating our social influence efforts in terms of in what way we treat our personnel, back our community, and certainly influence society in a time of great necessity. A prominence on strong social fabric, including a vigorous, varied, betrothed, and justly remunerated staff as well as hands-on support and engagement with our local community, was a substantial feature in our monetary achievement and will turn out to be even more so in the future.  


Investment Strategy

Our vision is that each investment should advance our climate future, which is why we necessitate that all forthcoming funds are unbiased to negative on increase carbon releases or have some other concrete environmental benefit, such as reducing water consumption.
Based on more than 15 years of financing knowledge and involvement across numerous interest rate and business rounds, recurrent governmental backing for reducing carbon releases, and numerous “successful and busted” series of business growths in clean energy markets, we have generated a climate-positive funding proposition based on the following concepts:

More efficient technologies are more productive and thus should lead to higher economic returns.

Lesser portfolio risk is intrinsic in a portfolio of reduced funding, created by movements of growing devolution and making digital of energy resources, equated to greater, unified utility-scale funds.

Capitalizing in assets allied with scientific accord and society’s overall beliefs will decrease potential regulatory and social costs through better incorporation of outwardness.

Assets that reduce carbon emissions represent an embedded option that may increase in value if carbon regulations were to set a price on carbon emissions.

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