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Changeover the World
 to Renewable Energy

                  FOR  A BRIGHTER FUTURE


Investment in Renewable Energy

Based in Hamburg, Germany, AMST-ENERGY Group is a global investment company solely dedicated to investments in climate change solutions, providing capital to leading companies in energy efficiency, renewable energy, and other sustainable infrastructure markets worldwide, with focus in Africa, Europe and the United States. We provide financing to expand renewable energy solutions around the world, while improving access to energy, air quality, and health. AMST-ENERGY Group’s core purpose is to make climate-positive investments with superior risk-adjusted returns.

Our Vision

AMST-ENERGY Group’s vision for its future sets out quantifiable targets for our development and evolution into the subsequent decade and beyond. This comprises developing our philosophy of ingenuity and collaboration, using advanced and high-tech technology, and living our mission every day, with the objective of being the finest place to work in the renewable industry. 

Our Mission

  Our mission is to changeover the world to renewable energy, especially in the United States, Europe and Africa. We plan to make the most of long-term value for our stockholders by sustainably developing and operating clean, renewable energy facilities in a safe and environmentally-responsible manner and with respect for societies and philosophies. 

Our Values

We have accepted and implemented value statements that are essential to our business. Each of these statements on Health and Safety, Community and Cultural, and Environmental Values is reinforced by its own organization scheme that makes available the foundation for meeting our obligations and pledges. 

Green Funding

  AMST-ENERGY Group has designed a Green Funding Source under which we can issue Green Credits or Bonds to fund or refinance renewable energy projects, helping us further our mission to change the world to renewable energy. The funding source is aligned with the well-known international green bond and loan philosophies which encourage veracity in the Green Financing markets through voluntary guiding principles that endorse transparency, disclosure and reporting.  

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